Student Support

at Pudsey Grangefield

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Green Room

“Interventions don’t change lives, people do.” Mark Finnis, L30 Restorative Systems

The Re-engagement team works closely with the rest of the pastoral team to support students in and outside of school. We focus on working with students and families and building relationships. Referrals are normally made by year leaders, when they feel students would benefit from additional support. If parents feel their child would benefit from any of the programmes, then please discuss with their year leader.

We offer a range of group work and individual programs in our specialised Green Room intervention space. In addition to this, we also work with Pudsey Cluster to deliver the Take 3 Parenting course, and other agencies and provision where appropriate.

Our work is constantly changing to meet the needs of our students, so not all programmes will be running at the same time, and new programmes will be added. Programmes can also be modified to suit individual needs.

Our current programmes include:

Name of programme

Number of sessions

Topics covered

Suitable for

Anger management


Triggers and how to relieve them, physical signs, challenging unhelpful thoughts, empathy and communication, developing resilience

KS4, KS5

Behaviour for learning


School behaviour, removals, reactions to situations, affective statements, bullying, anger management, well being, goal setting

KS3, maybe KS4 with some alterations


2, but 3 additional sessions possible if needed

Using the Exploited video and resources to look at a grooming scenario, how it affects people and what to do about it

Older KS3, KS4



What is dialogue, skills of dialogue, identity and respect, influences. Using dialogue to look at other people’s points of view and how to respond to something you disagree with respectfully.

Higher set KS4, KS5



Careers  information advice and guidance

Job profiles, university, college and apprenticeships courses.

Applications, skills health check to  help/support with career choice




Understanding and preventing extremism, language, community, influences


Internet safety

4 - 7 depending on topics covered

Speed friending, things you see online, your digital tattoo, codebreaker, selfies exposed, private pics go public, when web chat goes wrong

All, though some sessions only suitable for KS4

Lego Therapy

6 - 8

Using Lego to improve communication skills, aimed at though not exclusive to students with autism

All ages

Let it go


Friendships, embracing differences, friendship qualities, friendship circles, healthy friendships

Lower KS3

Managing difficult emotions


Anger management, triggers, strategies, balanced thinking, affective statements, emotions, bullying, well being, goal setting


Move Forward


Communication and confidence building, Team sports/building.  Self motivation & discipline. Wellbeing; healthy eating and exercise, Mental health.

Alcohol & drug awareness.

Street Crime including vandalism, knife crime, gangs, robbery and abuse.  Employability skills


Relationships and social skills


Friendships, school behaviour, communication, body language, bullying, repairing relationships, emotions, empathy, anger management, well being, goal setting


Self esteem


About me, positive thoughts, body image, friendships, relaxation, challenging unhelpful thoughts, resilience, future plans


Skills for school


Princes Trust Achieve  - communication, working with others, managing feelings, confidence, reliability, setting and achieving goals

Transition, y7 - 8

Social Eyes


Core communication skills for students with autism– starting a conversation, eye contact, personal space, taking turns in a conversation, keeping on topic, talking about interest, sensitive topics, ending a conversation

All ages

Social Stories


Using social stories to explore issues in society, how our actions can be seen by others, the impact our actions have on others, our feelings and others feelings

Lower KS3

Stress management


Stress bucket, routines, self care, relaxation, resilience

Upper KS4, KS5

Thoughtful Art Making


Using the art making process to communicate thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental way. Improves well being, feeling of belonging,  behaviour, relationships, attendance

All. Not suitable for those who have experienced significant trauma

New Pudsey Grammar School Uniform
from September 2021

You should have now received the voucher for your child's free blazer and tie.


We expect the new Pudsey Grammar School uniform to be available for parents/carers to purchase at the end of July.

An email will go to parents/carers when the uniform stock has arrived in store at Whittakers Schoolwear, Farsley.

Please see our web page below for details of the new school uniform requirements from September 2021.

New School Uniform Sept 2021


Please note that as only 1 voucher can be issued per student, this has been sent to the priority 1 contact for the child.

Please get in touch if you have not received your voucher.