Year 7 Subject Teachers

In order to assist with the Year 7 Parent's Evening, please find the email addresses for our Year 7 subject teachers.

Staff Member Email Address
Mr N Baxter
Miss S Lewis
Mrs J Newby
Ms W Nicholson
Mr D Brown
Miss G Wilkinson
Mrs L Wood
Mr D Greig
Mr A Deal
Miss B Wray
Mrs J Gough
Mrs C Gregory
Miss A Liddington
Miss J Roberts
Miss D Shaw
Mrs C Maloney
Miss S Jovanovic
Mrs E Kelham
Mr B Broadwell
Miss A Bradshaw
Miss F Barnes
Mr J Higgins
Miss K Skitt
Mr O Bassett
Miss C Williams
Mr D Woodruff
Mr K Douglass
Mr T Pugh
Mr J Pitts
Miss N Babazadeh
Mr A Barnes
Mr M Coady
Mr D McCroakam
Mr J Leigh
Miss L Swailes
Mr D Matthews
Miss L Secker
Mrs L Smith
Mr P Charlton
Miss L Honiwell
Mr R Caygill
Mr A Harris
Mr B Lord
Miss L Panteli
Miss T Wong
Mr M Saleem
Miss H Carter
Miss L Harrington
Mr O Aksoy