Below is a summary of the school's behaviour system.  To view the full Behaviour Policy click on the link >>


At Pudsey Grangefield School we expect our students to be

  • Polite, respectful and courteous
  • Work together to reach compromise and avoid conflict
  • Respect the rights of others to be different
  • Demonstrate respect and pride for themselves, others, their surroundings and community
  • Be exceptional ambassadors of the school and the community

The Recognition Programme

We promote high standards by rewarding students for their positive contributions and accomplishments. These include

Displaying good manners                   Self-discipline                                                  Efforts to improve

Out of class involvement                    Success in sport                                             Excellent work

Good presentation of work                 High personal standards of behaviour           

Participation in all learning activities and taking advantage of all the opportunities Pudsey Grangefield School has to offer.

Learning Merits

The use of merits to reward students is central to the school’s Recognition Programme. Learning merits are awarded for academic success by subject teachers.

Certificates are awarded as follows:

Award    No. of merits achieved  Recognised by    
Bronze 30     Lead Coach
Silver  50 Year Leader
Gold   80  Director of Studies
Senior Leadership 100  Senior Leadership
Diamond   120   Student Council
Pearl     150      Principal
Platinum   200+   Principal

Achievement Assemblies

The PGS Star Awards are presented during assemblies and include:

  • Recognition for Attendance Awards, including attendance above 98% and most improved attendance (nominated by Miss Dacre, Attendance Officer)
  • Community Award (nominated by Lead Coaches)
  • Behaviour for Learning (nominated by subject teachers)

Assembly time is also used to recognise individual student achievements (such as out of school awards for sport, music, community cohesion etc). If your child has made a special achievement outside of school, please share this with the Year Leader so that we can celebrate this in school.

Our electronic display boards around school provide the latest up to the minute news on student success and achievement. Mr McKelvie updates parents and carers on a half termly basis with school news. Look out for our newsletter that will come out at the end of each term. Our school website is also updated regularly with news, key information and dates.

Our Principal, Mr McKelvie is always eager to hear the latest news and success around the school and always tries to write personally to students to recognise success and achievement.


A rewards trip is planned for the summer for students to acknowledge behaviours and academic achievement. We are currently developing our Rewards Programme and Pudsey Grangefield School all students have been consulted to find out exactly how they would like to be rewarded. We look forward to revealing a fun packed rewards package to our students very soon.

Success for all – Learning to Succeed

  • Student Planner – The planner is the key piece of equipment used by our students and is integral to the success of teaching and learning and a happy school environment. The planner allows students to note and schedule homework, record achievement points and behaviour points. The planner is an excellent communication tool between parents/carers and the school. The Student Planner is checked regularly by the Lead Coach. From September the Form Tutor will meet on a daily basis and planners will be checked.
  • Ready to learn
  • Students should arrive at school at 8.30am
  • The correct uniform is worn to school and for PE lessons

All Students

  • White shirt and ‘badged’ black v-neck sweater (Years 7-11).
  • Plain black school trousers for all or black skirt.
    • Trousers should be full length
    • Not leisurewear trousers or not tight fit
    • Skirts worn by girls must be of appropriate length and not tight fit.
    • Jeans, denim and leggings are not allowed.
  • Sensible plain black shoes
    • Low heeled
    • Single black colour without logo
    • Plain black canvas style are acceptable
  • School Tie Policy
    • Year 7 and 8 – correct House tie to be worn
    • Year 9, 10 and 11 - Students are currently not required to wear the school tie. Throughout the year there are a number of “formal” occasions (e.g. acting as ambassador, school photos etc) when students are asked to wear their House colour tie.
  • Coats
    • Students are asked to wear a sensible waterproof coat when appropriate. Students should not wear “hoodie” type tops, leather or denim coats/jackets.
    • Hats/caps should not be worn on the school site.
  • Trainers should not be worn except in supervised PE lessons.

School uniform must be worn at all times

Make up should be discreet and minimal. No coloured lipstick or lip balm.

Jewellery is discreet and minimal. One pair of small studs or sleepers. No large earrings, facial or body piercings.  

Hair – No hair dyed in ‘unnatural colours’ or cut/styled in ‘extreme’ fashion. Please check with your child’s Year Leader if you are unsure.

Basic equipment

All students should ensure that they have:

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • 15cm ruler
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Protractor
  • Red pen for ‘reflection work’
  • Set of coloured pencils.
  • Scientific calculator (parents are asked to consult mathematics teaching staff before purchasing)

P.E. Kit (Boys and Girls)

  • Appropriate trainers
  • White polo shirt with collar (Badged)
  • Black and Red school sports shirt (Badged) with Year House colours
  • Black shorts (Badged)
  • Long black socks
  • A clearly labelled towel  
  • Optional black tracksuit

Parents and carers are asked to note that a consultation regarding the uniform will take place in 2015/16.

Successful Learning

In the classroom our students are encouraged to focus all their energies and attention on learning. To be a successful learner students should

  • Engage with the lesson starter
  • Listen to staff and others when required
  • Follow learning instructions at the first time of asking
  • Stay on task
  • Complete all learning activities to the best of their ability
  • Use the Student Planner to be reminded of homework
  • Time will be given by teachers in the lesson to further deepen learning through ‘Red for Reflection’.
  • Pack up belongings when the teacher instructs to get ready for the next lesson.


Staff will intervene in an appropriate way if they feel that the behaviour of any student is interfering with their own learning, the learning of others or behaving in such a way as to affect the health and safety of others. This includes any behaviours that could be interpreted as bullying or homophobic.

Parents and carers will be informed by telephone or letter of any issues. Students may lose ‘free time’, such as break or lunchtime, or be required to attend after school to catch up on work missed.

Students may be asked to make reparation in some way for their behaviours: for example through community service to the school.

To encourage positive learning behaviours, students may be placed on monitoring cards (Green Card, Notice to Improve, Amber Card, Red Card, Pastoral Support Plan). Further interventions may be used such as detentions and internal isolation.

Disruption to Teaching and Learning

By the Governments’ own calculations the following affect would occur as a result of disruption to teaching and learning

  • 5 minutes lost per lesson across the week = half a day learning lost throughout the year = drop by one GCSE grade
  • 10 minutes los per lesson across the week = one day of learning lost throughout the year = drop by two GCSE grades

Pudsey Grangefield School will not tolerate the disruption of our students’ teaching and learning. The following system is in place to support our teachers, to allow teaching and learning to flow smoothly and ensure that students are focussed on their work.

  1. The student will be given a verbal warning.
  1. The student will be given a written warning which is noted in their Student Planner.
  1. The student will be removed from the lesson and will work in another class (40 minutes departmental after school detention set by the class teacher)
  1. Internal Isolation

This room is used if a student refuses to enter the class based withdrawal room or causes disruption in the withdrawal class. This is a room supervised by an experienced Middle Leader.

The student is taken to the Internal Isolation room and remains in this room for the duration of the lesson and the next lesson (including break or lunch as appropriate depending on the removal period). If removed in Period 4 or 5, the student will be kept back for 10 minutes at the end of the day.

Any disruption or defiance will result in the student being taken to the External Isolation room.

  1. External Isolation

This room is used if a student refuses to go into Internal Isolation or if they cause any disruption to the Internal Isolation room. In addition, a student can be sent to External Isolation if their behaviour is of the nature described below in the ‘Exclusions’ section.

External Isolation is supervised by members of the Senior Leadership Team. Any student in External Isolation will finish the day 10 minutes after the end of normal lesson times. There will be a re-integration meeting with the Deputy Principal before returning to normal lessons.

If a student disrupts External Isolation, the student will be excluded from school. After the exclusion the student will complete their ‘original sanction’ in External Isolation and will then return to their timetabled lessons.


Class teacher detention – the teacher can issue a 10 minute detention at break, lunch or after school for persistent minor concerns. We would not give 24 hours notice of this detention.

Departmental detention – The class teacher will issue a 40 minute after school detention if a student is removed from their lesson. Parent/carer will be given 24 hours notice of the detention.

School detention – Failure to attend a Departmental detention will result in a one hour after school detention.

Any student who attends school late without a valid reason will automatically attend a one hour after school detention on that day (Year Leader to notify parent/carer).

Senior Leadership Team (SLT) detention – Failure to attend school detention will result in a one and a half hour after school detention on Friday with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. The Year Leader will notify the parent/carer by phone and a note will go in the Student Planner.


Fixed term exclusion

In serious cases the Principal may exclude students for a fixed term if their conduct is deemed to be unacceptable. Please see the Behaviour Policy for further information relating to the types of behaviours which could result in a fixed term exclusion.

Permanent exclusion

Permanent exclusion is a sanction which is rarely used. It is the final step in our disciplinary process. Please see the Behaviour Policy for further information outlining the types of incidents which would result in a permanent exclusion.