It is the responsibility of Pudsey Grangefield School, parents/carers and the pupils to work in partnership to ensure that all our children and young people attend school every day to give them the very best education, opportunities, guidance and support available to them.

Please read the Pudsey Grangefield School Attendance Policy for full and detailed information on the school’s policy >>

The school’s Attendance Officer, Miss Dacre, should be contacted as soon as possible (before 8.30am if possible) to advise of a child’s absence on 0113 3869 122. If Miss Dacre is unavailable please leave a message on the voicemail facility. Should the absence continue please provide a daily update to Miss Dacre.

Leave of absence during term time

Requests for leave can only be granted by the Principal in exceptional circumstances. Requests for leave must be made in writing, giving full details of the exceptional circumstances, to the Principal in advance of the absence. A letter advising of the Principal’s decision will be sent in response.

All students are expected to attend school every day and arrive punctually at 8.30am to ensure that learning can begin promptly.

Impact on outcomes due to absence

The data below shows the link between % attendance at school, number of days absent and how it will impact on learning.

Attendance during one school year

Equals days absence

Which is approximately weeks absent

Which means the number of lessons missed

Absences over 5 years


9 days

2 weeks

Over 40 lessons

¼ year


19 days

4 weeks

Over 80 lessons

½ year


39 days

8 weeks

Over 160 lessons

1 year


According to Department for Education data, if a student falls below 92% attendance in 1 year they are likely to drop 1 GCSE grade.

From September 2015, the persistent absence percentage will be for attendance of 90% or below.

New Pudsey Grammar School Uniform
from September 2021

You should have now received the voucher for your child's free blazer and tie.


We expect the new Pudsey Grammar School uniform to be available for parents/carers to purchase at the end of July.

An email will go to parents/carers when the uniform stock has arrived in store at Whittakers Schoolwear, Farsley.

Please see our web page below for details of the new school uniform requirements from September 2021.

New School Uniform Sept 2021


Please note that as only 1 voucher can be issued per student, this has been sent to the priority 1 contact for the child.

Please get in touch if you have not received your voucher.