School Closure: The school is closed for the break and will re-open on Monday 25th February

School Closure: The school is closed for the break and will re-open on Monday 25th February


The first priority for governors and staff of Pudsey Grangefield School is the responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of our students. We work together with other agencies to ensure rigorous arrangements are in place to identify, assess and support children suffering harm and to keep them safe and secure while in our care.


We believe:

  • School can contribute to the prevention of abuse
  • All children have the right to be protected from harm
  • Children need support that matches their individual needs, including those who may have experienced abuse.


Pudsey Grangefield aims to prevent abusive experiences by:

  • Clarifying standards of behaviour for staff and students
  • Introducing appropriate work in the curriculum
  • Developing staff awareness of the causes of abuse
  • Encouraging pupil and parental participation in safeguarding practice
  • Addressing concerns at the earliest possible stage


Help protect our students by:

  • Including appropriate work in the curriculum
  • Implementing child protection policies and procedures
  • Working in partnership with pupils, parents and agencies
  • Ensure all children feel safe, are treated as individuals and their rights, values and beliefs are respected.


Help support our students by:

  • Identifying individual needs where possible
  • Designing support plans and interventions to meet individual needs


Our Child Protection Designated Persons are:

Name Position Email
Mr M McKelvie Principal
Mrs C Martin Deputy Principal
Mrs M Williams Year 10 Leader
Mrs J Sidebottom KS4 Pathways
Mrs K Nota Year 9 Leader
Miss Y Khan Sixth Form Progression

Click here to download the Safeguarding and Child Protection policy.

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