School Stationery Shop

Stationery can be bought from the school stationery shop, please find our price lists below.

Please note whether the item is to be purchased through ParentPay or with cash.

Item Price ParentPay/Cash
School Tie £4.00 ParentPay
School Planner £4.00 ParentPay
Scientific Calculator £6.50 ParentPay
Pencil Case Pack
(without calculator)
£3.50 ParentPay
Stationery Pack Bundle
(Pencil Case Pack + Scientific Calculator)
£10.00 ParentPay
Pen (black/red) 10p Cash
Pencil 5p Cash
Ruler (30cm) 20p Cash
Clear Pencil Case (long) 90p Cash
Eraser 20p Cash
Sharpener 10p Cash
Compass 30p Cash
Protractor (180 degreed) 20p Cash
Highlighter 20p Cash
Glue Stick 60p Cash
A4 Project file 20p Cash
Colouring pencils (pack of 12) £1.00 Cash
Whiteboard pen 20p Cash

ParentPay should not be used for any of the Stationery Shop items if your child qualifies for the Pupil Premium funding – these will be provided free of charge from the Stationery Shop as previously.

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