Celebrating our British values and the Queen's 90th birthday


Celebrating our British values


the Queen's 90th birthday


class - front view

Miss Shillan's Year 9 Form group celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday by watching a montage of the rein of the Queen.

A lively debate followed as Miss Shillan's form discussed how the Queen contributes to British values, including how she promotes good international relations across the world and the Royal family's fantastic charitable work (not forgetting the Queen's impressive jump out of a helicopter at the London Olympics - that was THE Queen wasn't it??).  The discussion then followed onto the current issue of the EU and how this will impact on our country.  Miss Shillan's Form whole heartedly embraced the debate and enjoyed sharing their views with one another.  

queen on screen


Mr McKelvie has been leading assemblies across the whole school this week with the focus being:


Respect - What does this mean?

Respect and the law

Respect for our environment

Respect for others - Their feelings/points of view, other people's rights, cultures and customs and property.

Respect for ourselves - Being the best we can be, not being forced into doing something we know is wrong or that we are not comfortable with, pride in our appearance, pride in the work we do, realise that mistakes are a key part of learning - not being too tough on ourselves when we make them, always learn from our mistakes.

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