On Monday 27th April PGS welcomed Mathilde Rounet, the French exchange partner of Elena Trowsdale in Year 10.

Mathilde spent 2 weeks attending lessons at PGS and this was her first experience of the British school system.  Mathilde has written about the differences between the 2 systems.  She says:

“Les écoles anglaises sont beaucoup plus strictes que les écoles françaises. Par exemple les élèves doivent porter un uniforme alors qu’en France nous pouvons porter ce que l’on veut.. .”

“English schools are a lot more strict that French schools.  For example students must wear a uniform whilst in France we can wear whatever we want...”

Ensuite, lors du repas, nous mangeons à la cantine ou achetons un repas à l’exterieur du lycée. En France, nous pouvons sortir du lycée lorsque nous le souhaitons et par exemple, je vais dans les cafés avec mes amis ou je fais du shopping lorsque j’ai des heures libres où je n’ai pas de cours...”

“ Here, when it’s time to eat we eat in the cantine or we buy something outside of school and eat it in school. In France, we can leave the school when we wish. For example, I go to cafés with my friends or I do some shopping when I have a free lesson or I don’t have a lesson...”

“ Finalement, je commence à 8h, je fais 9 heures et je finis entre 5h et 6h...”

“Finally, I start at 8am, I do 9 hours and I finish between 5pm and 6pm...”

Would you want to swap any of our PGS routines and rules for the French routines and rules??

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Pudsey Grangefield School is now closed for the Summer Holidays and will re-open on Wednesday 5th September.

There will be a staggered restart to the day as below:

Year 7 - 8:20

Year 8 to 11 - 12:00

Year 12 & 13 - 11:10