High School Musical Auditions


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High School Musical Auditions


Calling all wannabe Gabriellas, Troys, Sharpays, Ryans, Chads and Taylors!!  Get your head in the game and check out the audition schedule.  

But remember - We're all in this together and all students are welcome to join the cast, not just for the main characters.  


 Year Group Audition Day Time Location
Year 7 Wednesday 5th October 3-4pm Main Hall
Years 8 & 9 Wednesday 5th October  3-5pm Main Hall
Years 10, 11, 12 & 13 Tuesday 4th October 3-5pm Drama Studio


Always wanted to have a go at helping out back stage?  Speak to Miss Wray, Mrs Wood, Mrs Neilson or Miss O'Gorman on how you can get involved.


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