Science Club Skype Antarctica


Science Club Skype Antarctica

Science Skype

For our first Science Club this year, we had the amazing opportunity to Skype Dr. Sarah Baatout who is currently stationed at the Princess Elisabeth station in Antarctica studying the effects of isolation, confinement, and extreme temperatures on the human body as it relates to space travel.


There were 5 students present, as Dr. Baatout explained all of her research as well as taking questions from each of the students. The feedback from the students was fabulous. They said they learnt lots about Antarctica as well as found it super interesting that we were able to get into contact with her! One student in particular was extremely interested in fossils and was able to ask her question about fossils in Antarctica and get a very interesting answer relating to Pangaea.


Mrs Harrington, Miss Wong, as well as the students, were extremely grateful for the opportunity which only presented itself thanks to Mrs Smith.


This was a wonderful start to Science Club 2018!

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