Meet The Team

Joining a secondary school from a primary school can seem quite scary to our young students.

Below are all of the staff members who will be helping to ensure that your child feels as welcome as possible at Pudsey Grangefield School.

Associate Assistant Principal

Mr Matthews is an Associate Assistant Principal responsible for Primary Liaison and Director of Studies for Year 7 and 8. In his role co-ordinating Year 6-7 transition he works closely with the primary schools, parents/carers and students to support them with the process. He will help establish and maintain a holistic overview of the academic, pastoral, behavioural and welfare needs of the new cohort. Mr Matthews will oversee the quality and integration of all aspects of Year 7 provision.

Mr Matthews is the person who checks you are making good progress in your lessons. You will be in sets for English, Maths and Science, and he will work with the Subject Leaders to make sure you are in the correct set for your ability. Mr Matthews also leads the team of Form Tutors and makes sure that what you do in Form Time is useful, sets you up well for the day, and covers topics that are important to you to be able to discuss. He also leads your assemblies, which take place every Monday during Tutor Time.

If you have any concerns about your lessons, please speak to your teacher first and Mr Matthews if you need any more support.

Year 7 Leader

Ms Nota is your Year Leader. She makes sure that all Year 7 students are happy, behave well and make the most of the opportunities in school, on a day-to-day basis.

If you have any worries you can arrange to speak to Ms Nota, by seeing her at the entrance before school, during break or lunchtime, or after school. If you need additional time to talk in more detail, she will make an appointment to see you and will collect you from your lesson. Your learning is your top priority, so please do not go to see Ms Nota during lessons time as she may not be available.

Your parents can also contact Ms Nota if they want to discuss your wellbeing with school. Her contact details can be found below. Ms. Nota will attempt to return all calls within 48 hours, which is in line with our policy. Sometimes it is easier to email, and it may be that she is able to respond to this more quickly.  

Director of SEND

Mr Brown is our Director of Special Educational, Behavioural and Emotional Needs. He is the person to talk to if you need any additional support in any of your lessons.

Learning Mentor 

Mrs Bremner works and supports students who have barriers to learning, issues surrounding behaviour, low self-esteem, social and emotional problems. She has supported the transition process for many years and is vastly experienced.

Mrs Bremner runs a Transition club for 5 weeks at the end of the summer term for vulnerable and anxious students. The club is for one hour (3:30 - 4:30pm) on Wednesday. The sessions are there to remove some of the anxieties regarding the building and provide you with the opportunity to meet some key staff before you start in September. Places are limited and your primary school will help identify students that will benefit from attending.   

English Intervention teacher

Mrs Richmond taught within upper KS2 for many years before joining us in 2018.  She has expertise and knowledge in delivering the primary literacy and numeracy strategies and is able to help students consolidate their skills and develop further progress in reading, writing and spelling.

New Pudsey Grammar School Uniform
from September 2021

You should have now received the voucher for your child's free blazer and tie.


We expect the new Pudsey Grammar School uniform to be available for parents/carers to purchase at the end of July.

An email will go to parents/carers when the uniform stock has arrived in store at Whittakers Schoolwear, Farsley.

Please see our web page below for details of the new school uniform requirements from September 2021.

New School Uniform Sept 2021


Please note that as only 1 voucher can be issued per student, this has been sent to the priority 1 contact for the child.

Please get in touch if you have not received your voucher.